Specified Cabinets Resources Page

Specified Cabinets has every detail covered for your brand new or remodel project with a fully operational custom shop and our partnership with multiple manufacturers to create a unique kitchen environment.

Wolf Buildermark – for cabinets on a tight budget – particle board construction with several colors and shaker door styles to choose from. 

Wolf Classic – quality cabinets at a value price – ½” plywood construction with soft close doors and drawers (several door style options with multiple colors per style).

Wolf Transitions – Full overlay cabinet options to suit the needs of a retro design – slab style door options.

Wolf Signature – A super durable line of cabinets. 

Wolf Designer – A semi-custom line of cabinetry that can be designed to exact specs.  Cabinets can be stained or painted any color at the customer’s request. 

Starmark offers a custom line of cabinets that can be designed and built to spec with endless options in style and design.  This line is built with the high quality solid 3/4” plywood construction.  Starmark has a large assortment of door styles, with even more options of color.  This line allows you to pick a cabinet and door style; then choose the stain, paint, or glazing option you want applied to the cabinets.  Starmark also has a wide array of accessories that can be added to their cabinets to suit your needs.

Woodharbor - A semi to full custom line of cabinets that has endless options of the highest quality cabinets.  With top quality 1/2” solid plywood construction Woodharbor allows the customer to design the look they want with a vast array of door styles, wood species, and finish options.  Woodharbor also has a large variety of accessory options for their cabinetry.  (4-7 week lead time on cabinets) 

Woodharbor Breeze -  A cabinet line offered by Woodharbor for a more budget conscientious client with 9 different door styles and multiple color options.  This provides an additional option of cabinets that carry the Woodharbor name at a more cost effective rate.  (4-6 week lead time on cabinets)

Frameless box construction is also available for Woodharbor and Woodharbor Breeze.

Urban Effects

Urban Effects offers a frameless high quality kitchen and bath option that provides customers with a specific design effect.  With a retro designed full overlay European style cabinet that has many door and color options for the kitchen and bath.  Urban Effects also supplies a number of wall mounted vanity options.

Specified Cabinets Inc. has a fully operational custom shop that allows us the availability to manufacture and finish cabinetry that does not fit within the confines of the production line cabinet resources.  This also allows us the opportunity to make time sensitive modifications to existing cabinetry as well as new installations.